FADEOUT (Philip Cunningham)

Tall, presentable and intelligent, Fadeout's an Ace lieutenant in Kien's Shadow Fist organisation, with the power that everyone would want, given the choice. He can turn himself, or parts of himself, invisible - although he usually leaves his eyes visible as he is temporarily blinded if light passes through them. Even better, he can transfer this ability to his clothes so he doesn't have to go around naked. Unless he wants to, that is.

Positive attributes - Reasonable, trustworthy to a degree.
Negative character traits - He's a bad guy, ruthless, highly ambitious.
Main appearances - One-Eyed Jacks
Supporting appearances - Down and Dirty, Dead Man's Hand.
In a nutshell - Transparent.
Random quote - 'Let's say that I could envision the Shadow Fists doing quite nicely with a new leader.'



When you've got a Deuce power that enables you to turn water into wine, it must be hard not to let it go to your head. So it's probably not too surprising to learn that Father Henry is a recovering alcoholic who first went on the sauce at the tender age of thirteen. Filling in for Jokertown's Father Squid for a couple of weeks during his sojourn across the globe courtesy of the WHO, Father Henry is unsure which prospect is scarier - the possibilty of being lynched by his adopted parish, or staring down James Spector.

Positive attributes - Non-judgmental, altruistic, strong-willed, fearless, pragmatic.
Negative character traits - None worth mentioning.
Main appearances - Deuces Down.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Substitute preacher.
Random quote - 'I have never in my life had anyone boo a homily. It's rude, sir. It's just plain rude.'

George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Father SquidFATHER SQUID

Much respected and beloved pastor of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Misery, Father Squid is a broadly-built Joker with grey skin, long attenuated fingers and palms covered in vestigial suckers, nictating membranes over protruding eyes and a bunch of short tentacles where his nose should be. He also smells of the sea in such a way that everyone he meets is reminded of childhood trips to the beach.

Although he doesn't advertise the fact, he's not a stranger to violence - he possesses enhanced strength and fought as a sergeant in the Joker Brigade in Vietnam (and possibly worked alongside the Black Dog for awhile). He must have been a bad boy though, because he's been trying to make up for it ever since.

Positive attributes - Gentle nature, non-judgmental, altruistic, soft spoken, strong-willed.
Negative character traits - Secretive about his past.
Main appearances - None.
Supporting appearances - Jokers Wild, Aces Abroad, Ace in the Hole, Dead Man's Hand, Jokertown Shuffle, Dealer's Choice, Card Sharks, Marked Cards, Death Draws Five.
In a nutshell - Repentant.
Random quote - 'I would endeavor to assist you, if I only knew what you needed.'


George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Bradley FinnFINN, BRADLEY (DR)

From the waist up, he's your typical handsome, blue-eyed, blond-haired, surfer dude. From the waist down, he's not. Finn's a palomino-coloured centaur with a resplendent white tail - and, boy, does he love to show it off. Born into a wealthy, Hollywood family who could care less that he's a Joker, Bradley went against the grain even further by becoming a fine doctor, and plies his trade at Dr Tachyon's Jokertown Clinic.

Positive attributes - Excellent doctor, constantly cheerful, well adjusted, refuses to let his jokerhood affect his life, good bedside manner, sharp sense of humour.
Negative character traits - Pride (over his grandiose white tail).
Main appearances - Card Sharks, Marked Cards, Black Trump, Deuces Down.
Supporting appearances - Down and Dirty, Ace in the Hole, Dead Man's Hand, One-Eyed Jacks, Dealer's Choice, Death Draws Five, Suicide Kings.
In a nutshell - Pony boy.
Random quote - 'I'm a Joker. I'm a doctor. And I'm your guy.'


George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards FortunatoFORTUNATO

Arguably the most powerful man on Earth, Fortunato is a tall, thin, charismatic, handsome, half-black, half-Japanese Ace and tantric magician with awesome mental abilities. Among them, telepathy, mind control, mind shields, astral projection, the ability to stop time, and levitation. Briefly involved himself with political causes in the late sixties with limited success, and now just concentrates on taking care of those close to him.

For his day job, he runs a high-class call girl, or 'geisha', service. Which is convenient, since the method he uses to recharge his powers is tantric sex and the forced retention of, er, certain bodily fluids, resulting in a bulging forehead when his battteries are fully charged. Jeez, what a life.

Positive attributes - Arch-enemy of the Astronomer, will generally do the right thing if pushed, loyal to his friends (and regular customers).
Negative character traits - Self-centred, impulsive, thinks with his dick.
Main appearances - Wild Cards, Aces High, Jokers Wild, Aces Abroad, Death Draws Five.
Supporting appearances - Double Solitaire.
In a nutshell - Big head.
Random quote - 'I'm not out for justice, if that's what you're thinking.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards John FortuneFORTUNE, JOHN

With Fortunato and Peregrine as his biological parents, John could hardly be blamed for growing up with a slight inferiority complex. Although the fact that he's an Ace means that he's got a head start, at least. Possessing strong healing powers, he's able to instinctively tell what's wrong with a person, concentrate on the wound and make it all better in an instant. He's also easy to spot, just look for the golden glow that hovers over his exposed skin like a halo.

Although he seems a fairly well-adjusted young man, it's entirely possible that Peregrine's obsessive mania for sheltering her son from the world for most of his life will backfire at some point in the future. Let's face it, hiring a private detective agency to babysit your child for the first sixteen years of his life is not the kind of behaviour one expects from a parent. But then, she is a celebrity - he should probably just be grateful he wasn't named 'Moon Unit'.

Positive attributes - Outgoing, positive.
Negative character traits - Immature, naive (hey, he's just a kid, after all).
Main appearances - Death Draws Five, Inside Straight, Busted Flush.
Supporting appearances - Deuces Down.
In a nutshell - Faith healer.
Random quote - 'My card turned and now I'm an ace, just like you and my father.'