George RR Martin's Wild Cards GimliGIMLI (Tom Miller)

Gimli is a red haired, charismatic, barrel-chested dwarf Joker, and proud of it. A founder member of the JJS (Jokers for a Just Society), he's decided non-violent protest is not in keeping with his personality and lacks the necessary melodrama. And besides, kidnapping, murder and terrorism are just so much more satisfying, aren't they?

Not the most popular man in the world, but he does get a lot of support from those fellow Jokers who also believe that the ends justify the means. And don't call him Miller - he's usually in a bad mood anyway and you'll only make things worse.

Positive attributes - Genuinely compassionate towards all Jokers, nemesis of Puppetman.
Negative character traits - Megolamaniac, hates all nats and Aces, constantly bad tempered, unreasonable, extremely short fuse, paranoid.
Main appearances - Wild Cards, Aces Abroad, Down and Dirty.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Ball of fury.
Random quote - 'Pretty speeches don't mean shit.'


George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Golden BoyGOLDEN BOY (Jack Braun)

Big Jack is the archetypal blond, blue-eyed American boy with his craggy good looks and imposing frame - and he always will be. Born in the mid-twenties, he still looks the same as he did when the Wild Card turned him into a superman in 1946. Besides being one of the strongest men on the planet, his body is also surrounded by a golden force field which can deflect almost any attack.

Super-strong, invulnerable and immortal. Nobody could screw that up, right? Alas, while the body was up to the task, the spirit wasn't. His compadres in the Four Aces faced the music during the HUAC witch-hunts in the late 'forties, but Braun, to his everlasting shame, spilled his guts and as a result, seems cursed to spend eternity as a pariah. Still, at least he's rich.

Positive attributes - Constantly trying to make amends for his mistake, thick-skinned (ahem).
Negative character traits - Weak-willed, impulsive, doesn't like himself much.
Main appearances - Wild Cards, Aces Abroad, Ace In The Hole.
Supporting appearances - Aces High, Down and Dirty, Dead Man's Hand, Card Sharks, Inside Straight.
In a nutshell - The golden ageless.
Random quote - 'Every time I try to change the world, everything goes into the crapper.'