George RR Martin's Wild Cards HarrisHARRIS, ZOE

President of a prominent pharmaceutical company and an upstanding member of the 'straight' world until she got framed for embezzlement, this attractive, olive-skinned Ace had tried to put her wild card status behind her before the threat of prison and the deteriorating health of her family altered her priorities and mental state, somewhat. She's now embraced her powers and utilises them to help those she cares about most - Jokers.

So what can she do? Well, how can we put this? When aroused or in a heightened emotional state, she's able to animate and transform inanimate objects at a sub-molecular level simply by breathing on them. No jokes, please - her power only works on non-organic objects. Just don't get her excited or angry, or you'll see just how creative she can be.

Positive attributes - Caring, selfless, honest, trustworthy, empathetic towards Jokers.
Negative character traits - Guarded, mentally fragile.
Main appearances - Marked Cards, Black Trump.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Heavy breather.
Random quote - 'I never said I wanted to be a hero. I said I was afraid not to.'



After serving in Vietnam and making a name for herself as the only female combat medic in US Army history - at the same time gaining a rep amongst Jokers as the doctor to go to if you were bleeding - Major Havero's now a senior physician at the Blythe Van Rensaeller Clinic who feels the war didn't adequately prepare her for Jokertown.

A tall, tanned, attractive 'nat' and single parent, with scars and an eye patch as evidence that her life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses up til now, Cody also possesses reflexes and instincts so sharp that people aren't entirely sure that she's not an Ace, as she's got a 'lucky' talent for emerging intact from situations that would kill most normal people. She ought to spend a weekend in Vegas.

Positive attributes - Excellent doctor, empathy towards Jokers, strong-willed, pragmatic.
Negative character traits - Stubborn (not always a bad thing).
Main appearances - One-Eyed Jacks.
Supporting appearances - Jokertown Shuffle, Dealer's Choice, Marked Cards.
In a nutshell - Lucky girl.
Random quote - 'Go to Washington and get that grant. Mama needs a new laser surgery center.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards HerneHERNE THE HUNTSMAN (Dylan Hardesty)

A member of the Twisted Fists terrorist organisation, Herne may be on the side of the Jokers, but that doesn't alter the fact that he's one of the more powerful Aces around. Eight feet tall (ten with the antlers) with enhanced strength, satyrlike legs, a red mane halfway down his back and a massive golden horn slung around his neck, Herne is able to alter the very shape of reality around him whenever he calls up the 'Hunt'.

Once he blows his little big horn, he's able to not only call up dramatic weather conditions, but large black stallions and scary Gabriel Hounds with glowing green eyes materialise out of thin air, and an insane blood lust is induced in everyone in the vicinity, while those in the hunt's path find themselves dragged along with the unthinking mob. Sort of like your average presidential election campaign.

Positive attributes - None.
Negative character traits - Amazing English/Welsh/Scottish/Jamaican hybrid accent that has to be heard to be believed, psychopathic tendencies, terrorist.
Main appearances - Dealer's Choice.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Wild horses.
Random quote - 'Alla soodden sommting cum a'smashin' inna oos and yonder bridge was toomblin'.'




George RR Martin's Wild Cards Buddy HolleyHOLLEY, BUDDY

In this timeline, Buddy never got on that flight with the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, but relegated to singing bad Bon Jovi covers on the lounge circuit in New Jersey, he sometimes wishes he did. With a spare tyre round his waist and aviator sunglasses instead of horn-rims to cover up the bags under his eyes, Buddy's not exactly looking his best these days.

When things started to fall apart in the early 'seventies, he began what would become a long spiritual journey in an effort to find himself, and it looks like he did. He's developed over the years into an accomplished and wise healer/shaman. As for his day job - well, you can't keep a good man down, and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that someone might chance upon him and decide it's time for a comeback. Just don't ask him to play the old stuff.

Positive attributes - Wise, patient, pragmatic.
Negative character traits - No self-confidence.
Main appearances - Down and Dirty.
Supporting appearances - Dealer's Choice.
In a nutshell - Not fade away.
Random quote - 'Lotta years and a lotta miles.'



The other half of the Guatemalan 'Hero Twins', Hunapu is the yin to Xbalanque's yang who'll settle for nothing less than a seperate state for Indians and Jokers in Central America. And the fact that he's an Ace capable of instantaneous teleport means there's a chance it could actually happen. And if that isn't enough, he's able to access the dream world of Xibalba where the ancient gods are happy to supply him with relevant tactical advice.

An obsessively devout Lacandon Maya usually dressed in traditional warrior-priest garb, Hunapu may lack his brother's streetwise instincts, but makes up for it with his utter ruthlessness in combat situations. Capable of slitting your throat and flipping to another location before you hit the ground, he's a whirling dervish in a firefight, able to demolish an entire platoon singlehanded. And if anybody asks, the gods told him to.

Positive attributes - Genuinely cares for his people, fearless, strong-willed, honest.
Negative character traits - Intense, no sense of humour, ruthless, fanatically religous.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad.
Supporting appearances - Marked Cards.
In a nutshell - Gods-fearing.
Random quote - 'We will show them the power of the gods. They will learn.'