Detroit Steel (Mike Tsakos)
- Seven feet tall and four feet wide, Detroit Steel is basically a tank on legs. Mike was an unemployed autoworker when his Ace turned, and suddenly found he was capable of designing and building a super-strong - if extremely slow moving - exoskeleton out of scrap metal and old auto parts Though why he'd want to is another question entirely. Now gets called out whenever Freedom, Democracy and the American Way are threatened and Golden Boy's out of town.

Patchwork - A fragile Ace with detachable body parts, it doesn't take much for Patchwork to go to pieces - a strong pat on the back would probably do the job. The perfect spy, she can take out an eye or an ear, have it placed in a strategic position and it's like she's actually there. Unfortunately, it also leaves her slightly vulnerable - if she doesn't get the detached pieces back within a week, they decay, although they do grow back eventually. At least her heart's in the right place... for the time being.

Blockhead (Brian Boyd) - Little-known Ace with the almost useless ability to create a mind shield that affects everyone in his direct vicinity. But get him in the right situation - one that involves, say, getting past Bloat undetected, for instance - and he could be worth his weight in uncut gems.

Slash - A Joker who once studied Iaido, the art of sword-drawing, before the Wild Card took the ironic route and turned her into a kind of human porcupine - her entire body is now covered in deadly edged steel and knife-blade ridges. Great in a fight, but not much good for relationships.



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