- With long, curly black hair, high-laced sandals and belted white tunic, Greece's national Ace certainly looks the part (assuming 'Jason and the Argonauts' got it right in its portrayals of the ancient gods). However, a resemblance to Lou Ferrigno does tend to offset the effect a little. Hera's got muscles on her muscles and once arm-wrestled the Israeli Ace, Sharon Cream, to a draw for the title of 'World's Strongest Lady Ace'. Then she went after the guy who named the event.

Yaralanmaz - In contrast, the Turkish national Ace is a large, turbanned fellow usually seen sporting a colourful red and blue vest over an extremely hairy chest. And since his name translates as 'invulnerable', it's probably safe to assume that in addition to his enhanced strength he's a hard man to damage. If he suggests to you that he wants to be your 'good friend', however, just thank him politely and back away as though you're late for a meeting.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards RhinoRhino - Squat, grey-skinned, young German Joker with enhanced strength and a foot-long horn protruding from the centre of his face (try not to bring attention to it), Rhino may look like he weighs a ton but he's surprisingly quick and agile despite his mass. It may seem obvious, but If you see him charging towards you, vacate the area with all due alacrity. Or shoot him.

Luce (Lucius Gilbert) - Powerful looking Joker and a true believer in 'the cause' (ie. socialism) - mainly because he's one of those giving the orders. Luce has a round, malevolent Charlie Brown face, a threatening attitude, and at least two pairs of arms. His biggest concern is figuring out which fist he's going to use to mash your face in.

Brew (Evan Brewer) - A little more reasonable than his partner, Luce, Brew is a tall Joker who could be described as fairly good-looking (despite a faint similarity to Lurch) were it not for the huge, unsightly, green lobster claw in place of a right hand. He, too, believes in equality for all, as long as he's more equal than the others.

The Dreamer (Eric Bell) - An ex-street poet, Eric's a young, thin Joker with a heavily disfigured face that's essentially all muzzle and brows. He's also a powerful projecting telepath able to incite the masses by projecting his visions into the minds of anyone in his vicinity, all the while proclaiming them to be factual events. Still, at least he's given up the poetry.

Eraserhead - The Wild Cards gets its very own Stretch Armstrong with this guy, a Joker whose skin and bones seem to be made out of rubber. S-t-r-e-t-c-h him and he returns to normal size!

George RR Martin's Wild Cards Eye BallEye Ball - The man with eyes in the back of his head. As well as in the front. And sides. Eye Ball's a deaf mute Joker whose head is basically just a mass of eyeballs of various sizes and colours, which tend to flow together and redivide in a very unsettling fashion if you look closely. So don't.

Rocky - A slight, intense Joker who's actually more lumpy than rocky, with skin that's completely covered with pebble-like protrusions, as well as being the only guy who can understand what Eye Ball's saying (or signing).

Osprey (Lou Immon) - Joker with a fierce, white-crested, short-beaked eagle's head and feathers that cover most of his body. Still waiting for his wings.

Sniffer - A little guy with sad eyes and massive nostrils, Sniffer's an ex-gang member Joker/Ace with a bloodhound's sense of smell and the ability to track anyone.

Spoiler - Tall, thin, loathsome Joker in possession of tough rawhide skin, and a skull that extends well out the back with nostrils shrouded in cartilage and bone - as well as a general demeanor that's so aggravating and antagonistic you just know he's not long for this world. He may as well have a tattoo on his chest saying, 'Please put me out of your misery'. Actually, that's not a bad idea.



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