Jo Ann
- Anyone who wants to see Gregg Hartmann has to pass the imposing figure of his warty, green-skinned Joker secretary, Jo Ann. Due to her physical similarity to the witch from the Wizard of Oz, she's more than a match for all but the most determined time wasters. And she keeps the winged monkeys under the desk, just in case.

Ichor-bod - Otherwise attractive Jokertown prostitute with short, slicked-down black hair, whose pores continually ooze a hot, translucent jelly that entirely covers her body. Probably an advantage for someone in her line of work.

Painless (Emily Moffat) - Emily's an attractive, blond Deuce in her late thirties who's kind of a human local anaesthetic - she can temporarily numb a specific area of the body with a touch. Without a doubt, Jokertown's most popular nurse.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards GaneshaGanesha - Despite his claiming to be a Joker, Ganesha is, in fact, an ambiguous Indian Ace with the head of an elephant and awesome mental abilities. He can call virtual particles into being in whatever form he desires - although the more substantial the form, the more it takes out of him. True to his 'Remover of Obstacles' byline, he's also able to make stuff disappear by supressing these particles. Think David Copperfield, but with a trunk.

The Head - A long-haired, bearded hippie Ace whose brain looks as if it's exploded out of his head and run down the sides, The Head's actually a projecting telepath who makes his living from sharing his psychedelic visions with those willing to pay. Although, just looking at him is psychedelic enough for most people.

Dervish - Looney tunes Joker who, in both appearance and deed, bears more than a passing resemblance to a certain Tasmanian Devil. Apart from the cannibalism, that is. He's got the mandatory massive, knuckle-dragging torso above tiny legs, a shaggy mane of hair that covers his head and shoulders, and scary red eyes. To complete the package, he also moves rapidly and spins in circles as he walks.

Lady Light - Attractive, dark-haired Ace who can project a blinding white light and momentarily dazzle anyone in her vicinity. Show-off.

The Racist (Mark Wagner) - Ex-stick up man and card carrying member of the Aryan Brotherhood, Wagner's a mean-eyed, muscular man who volunteered for a prison experiment with the Wild card virus and emerged as an Ace capable of running at speeds of up to 200mph. Turning violent prisoners into possible Aces - good thinking there, warden.

Witchy - Capable of telekinesis and member of the Twisted Fists, Witchy's an idealogical Joker with a nose that droops down past her chin and ears that go down to her shoulders.

The Escorts - A gang of teenage Jokers who prowl the streets of Jokertown when not acting as bodyguards for Zoe Harris, the Escorts consist of Needles (extremely sharp claws and translucent teeth), Jellyhead (no face and a head like a soggy balloon), Jimmy, Jimmy (two adolescents, one with faint feathers over his body and downy eyebrows and ears, the other with pale stripes covering his skin like an angelfish), and Jan (petite girl with constantly shifting kaleidoscopic irises).



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