Curtis Grubbs
- One of John Nighthawk's lesser associates, Grubbs is a large Ace/Deuce from rural Alabama with marginally enhanced strength and diminished intelligence. Perfect for following orders as long as you use words of one syllable or less.

Butcher Dagon - A short, pudgy, bearded and generally unassuming-looking fellow on the surface, Dagon's actually a psychopathic, shape-shifting Ace underneath. The name's a bit of a giveaway. Possesses the limited but deadly ability to transform himself within seconds into a huge, strong, brown-furred, snouted creature with a bullet head, huge muscles, prehensile tail, deadly claws and very sharp teeth. And if all that's not enough to clue you in that he's the bad guy, the British accent should erase all doubt.

Witness - Affectionately christened 'The Asshole' by his more cynical colleague, John Nighthawk, in an effort to distinguish him from his identically named brother (see below). Witness is a thin, round-shouldered Ace and religious fanatic whose slouched appearance hides the fact that he's actually the stronger of the two. He possesses the power of flight and can throw lethal blasts of energy at will.

Witness (#2) - Not quite as fanatical as his brother, but with his abrasive, sadistic personality, John Nighthawk is once again right on the mark in naming him 'The Bigger Asshole'. In complete contrast to his plain-featured sibling, Witness no. 2 is a tall, handsome, powerful-looking Ace with blue eyes and long golden hair who holds a kind of hypnotic power over anyone he kisses. Although, looking the way he does, it's likely that was the case even before his Ace turned.

Blood - An unfortunate mute Ace/Joker hybrid who, with his twisted body, thick hindquarters for legs, scrawny forelegs in place of arms, snout and hound dog ears, looks and acts more like a dog than a human. Although if he can also lick his own privates, he probably doesn't care what he looks like. Blood's Ace lets him open temporary 'gates' between any two points, enabling him - and anyone with him - to take a shortcut to just about anywhere.

Alejandro - Dark-haired, slim, constantly smiling, constantly upbeat Secret Service Ace with the power to animate inanimate objects at will. Although in his twenties, he looks young enough to be still in school and hasn't yet realised that people who smile all the time don't exactly inspire trust. What's so funny, anyway?

Mushroom Daddy - If Captain Trips had a brother, he'd look like this guy. He even, like, talks the same, man. This twenty-something hippie Ace looks, sounds and smells every inch the 60's throwback, with his psychedelic fashion sense, bushy afro perm, Fu Manchu mustache and fondness for incense. He's also a bit of an enigma, whose Ace seems to be the ability to grow the best natural produce in Orange County. He can also execute a pretty cool back-kick whenever the need arises.



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