Volume ll: ACES HIGH

Devil John Darlingfoot - Joker mercenary for hire. Large, broad-shouldered joker whose most distinguishing feature is a heavy right leg ending in a hoof, which enables him to leap 20 feet in a single bound. Previously involved in a public fight with Croyd Crenson that resutled in most of Rockefeller Plaza being trashed.

Kim Toy - Plain-looking female Asian Ace and Mason, who possesses the ability to emit powerful pheromones at will. Any man within smelling distance finds her irresistible and is hers to command. So, the same powers as most normal women, then.

Judas (Harry Matthias) - Although he considers himself an Ace, this corrupt cop is probably more of a Deuce, who, when he's close enough, is able to detect Aces and deduce what their basic powers are. And then he goes and tells the Astronomer. Splitter.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards DoughboyDoughboy - Large, 2 metre tall Joker with a mental age of a four-year old, Doughboy is an almost spherical mass of white doughy flesh with a featureless face and raisin eyes. With his super strength, he always ends up breaking his toys. Loved throughout Jokertown, where he lives under the care of another Joker, Shiner.

Sascha Starfin - Distinguished-looking Joker bartender at the Crystal Palace. Later an operative for Jay Ackroyd's agency. Present throughout the series. Eyeless but able to skim the surface thoughts of anyone in his vicinity, which means you don't have to tell him what you're drinking - he knows already.

Elmo Schaffer - The Joker bouncer for the Crystal Palace who works in conjunction with Sascha to keep the place quiet - four foot tall and nearly as wide with the strength of five men. You walk in with an attitude, Sascha gives him the nod, Elmo carries you out. Simple. Devoted to his boss, Chrysalis.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards CycloneCyclone (Vernon Henry Carlisle) - Usually seen wearing a gaudy costume of blue and white, the rich and handsome Cyclone is one of the more prominent Aces, probably due to the fact that he takes his own camera crew with him everywhere he goes. He's able to call up and control the winds, allowing him to fly, deflect most attacks, and let loose intense whirlwinds upon evildoers. Egotistical, pompous and self-aggrandising, he's bearable for about five minutes, tops. Father of Mistral, who's just as bad.

Fantasy (Asta Lenser) - Beautiful Ace ballet dancer with the power to mesmerise people (especially men) with her dancing. In her own words, can 'out-Salome Salome'. Unfortunately, she's also a shallow, amoral, greedy, hedonistic coke addict who gathers intelligence for the dark side - ie. Kien. She ought to go to Hollywood, she'd fit right in.

Troll (Howard Mueller) - The head of security at the Jokertown Clinic, Troll is nine feet tall, with green, warty, tough, armour-like skin and crooked yellow teeth. Also possesses enhanced strength. Any superficial resemblance to the Hulk is purely coincidental.

Revenant - Skinny, prematurely aged, albino Ace with the ability to enter, or even send, dreams and alter them to his own purposes. They're not usually nice ones. Works for the Astronomer, which explains why.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards WyrmWyrm - Tall, scaleless, green-skinned, reptilian Joker with a long, forked, extremely sensitive tongue that can be used for tracking prey. Also possesses sharp teeth capable of injecting poison. Works for Kien as a bodyguard. Possesses a horrible secret that is revealed in Dead Man's Hand.

The Gatekeeper - Proprietor and ringmaster of the hellish Jokers Wild nightclub, who keeps it in a collapsible frame and merely places it on a wall when it's opening time. Allegedly wears a tasteful mask made from the flayed skin of a clown's face. His own flesh is grey, dead and malleable. Look, he's the devil, okay?

Pulse - Extremely powerful Ace able to convert himself to pure energy and travel at light speed in the form of a laser. Knows better than anyone whether Einstein was full of shit or not (hint: he wasn't).


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