Volume lll: JOKERS WILD

Gills - Wholesaler of top quality seafood, and one of the main suppliers for Hiram's Aces High restaurant, Gills is an elderly Joker with mottled, greenish skin, webbed fingers and gills in his cheeks. Which don't work.

Arachne - Eight-legged Joker whose bulbous body is able to extrude the finest silk, which she then weaves into one of her much sought-after and expensive spider-silk shawls. Saks and Neiman-Marcus stock her stuff, which must surely take the sting out of waking up every morning and seeing a spider in the mirror.

Kevin Frost - A rugged-looking Joker with bone-white skin and colourless eyes, Frosty is a renowned artist who believes all art is ephemeral, and creates the most spectacular, detailed ice sculptures in New York to prove it. He can only survive in temperatures of thirty below zero or less, so he doesn't go to many parties.

Imp - Young Puerto Rican Ace (and Astronomer flunky) able to generate an electro-magnetic pulse within a fifty yard radius. EMP. Imp. Geddit? Generally works with his significant other, Insulin.

Insulin - The other half in this double act. This lackey of the Astronomer's is a middle-aged female Ace capable of reducing a person's blood sugar level to a lethal degree in seconds. So ensuring you've got an extra candy bar on your person might be a shrewd move.

Bludgeon - Extremely strong and brutal Joker/Ace of limited intelligence and vocabulary, whose right arm is basically a stiffened club of bone and muscle. Ugly as sin with a head that's covered in boils and sores. Bludgeon smash puny humans!

Wasp - He's named after what he is. A four foot Joker with a vaguely humanoid body, multifaceted eyes in a triangular face, and a massive stinger between his legs. And yes, he is pleased to see you.

Itsy-Bitsy - Minor Ace in more ways than one, Frank Beaumont is a college student with the misfortune of being able to compress the molecules of his body to make himself smaller, while his mass stays the same. If he's got any self-respect at all, the girlfriend who named him is now his ex-girlfriend.

The Human Skunk (Wallace Larabee) - Not much known about this Ace other than his name. But then, what more do you need to know?

Ice Blue Sibyl - Inhumanly slim, elfin, female Ace/Joker and ward of Joker lawyer Dr. Pretorious who ommunicates via telepathy. Her sexless, naked, mannequin-like body displays no genitilia and is made up of constantly shifting blue-green ice. Looks like she was created by Industrial Light & Magic.

Ralph Norton - Friendly and outgoing Ace, with wrinkled orange skin and a lumpy body reminiscient of the Michelin Man. Lives on a garbage dump and can metabolise anything. Guess what he eats.



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