Dorian Wilde - The Poet Laureate of Jokertown, Dorian is a large man whose handsomeness is turning to fat. Affects Edwardian dress and prefers perfume over baths. And if that and the poetry isn't enough to put you off, his right 'hand' is a mass of wriggling, oozing tentacles that give off an acrid discharge.

Sayyid - Wife of Kahina, brother-in-law to the Nur al-Allah, Sayyid is a ten foot tall, hugely muscled, Syrian Joker masquerading as an Ace. His tremendous mass means that he's unable to support the weight of his own body and he can barely move as a result. Like the Nur, possesses a somewhat unenlightened view of the world, and is intolerant of pretty much everything and everyone.

Maria - Beautiful, young Guatemalan Joker with bird's feathers in place of hair, and totally devoted to the 'Hero Twins' (especially Hunapu).

George RR Martin's Wild Cards Black DogBlack Dog, AKA The Hound of Hell - Mysterious and ruthless leader of the Joker terrorist organisation, the Twisted Fists. No-one knows the type or extent of his abnormality, or if they do, they're not around to tell anyone. Generally wears a black, canine mask when he's on the job, and then takes it off when he's not. Clever.

The Harlem Hammer (Mordecai Jones) - Six foot tall, barrel-chested, unassuming Ace with high-energy metabolism and enhanced strength equal to Jack Braun. Bullets give him bruises, he can walk through concrete walls, he's got a healing factor that equals Billy Ray's, and yet he thinks of himself as a Joker. Go figure. Doesn't like doctors, but then, doctors probably don't like him, either.

Midas - Indian Ace and maharaja able to transmute everything he touches into gold (and everyone he touches into corpses), although it reverts back to its original state within 24 hours. Fed by servants, in case you were wondering.

George RR Martin's Wild Cards Elephant GirlElephant Girl (Radha O'Reilly) - Radha is an attractive, red-haired Ace of Indian and Irish ancestry, with the ability to metamorphose into, you guessed it, a full size Asian elephant at will. She can also fly by flapping her ears - but only in the elephant form.

Le Miroir (Claude Bonnell) - Hunched, twisted, French Joker impressionist and low-level telepath with the ability to pick up the faces of those closest to a person, and shift his facial features into a perfect likeness. Effect is probably lessened somewhat by the French accent, though.

Zero Man (Mori Riishi) - Young Japanese Ace assassin capable of creating the illusion of invisibilty by constructing 'blind spots' in the minds of his enemies. A very sharp samurai sword does the rest.

Mólniya - Russian Ace, Major in the GRU, and Official Hero of The Soviet Union. Can cause mild to lethal electrical shocks whenever he takes his gloves off. Steers clear of water as much as possible, so probably hasn't bathed in a while.



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