Volume Vl: ACE IN THE HOLE & Volume Vll: DEAD MAN'S HAND

Straight Arrow (Nephi Callendar) - Tall, thin, mormon Ace employed by the Justice Department. Nephi is able to create fire from his hands and specialises in fashioning flaming arrows from the air and throwing them with unerring precision at the unrighteous. He can only have come from Utah.

Mustelina - 6ft tall female joker who resembles a ferret as imagined by Disney - although Walt would have probably left out the sharp fangs, bad attitude and craving for live rats.

Detective Harvey Kant - Need someone to play 'bad' cop in your interrogation? Harvey's your man. If a bad-tempered, hairless, scaled reptilian Joker with taloned hands and pointy teeth can't get your suspect to spill his guts, chances are he's innocent.

Sergeant Mole (Joe Mo) - By contrast, this unassuming, undersized Joker has the honour of being the first Joker cop employed by the NYPD. Relegated to the Records department in the Jokertown precinct basement, Joe is what you'd expect from his nickname, with a mushroom complexion and tiny pink eyes behind extremely thick spectacles.

Squisher - An amphibian Joker with a round, hairless head, a fish mouth filled with sharp, pointed teeth, and long sinuous arms that end in a mass of twitching tentacles. Squisher's got his own eponymously named, Jokers-only bar of which he's the main attraction - routinely surfacing from the massive aquarium behind the bar to squirt water from the top of his head and tell nats to find somewhere else to drink.

Lupo - Relief bartender at the Crystal Palace when Sascha's not around, Lupo's got deep-set red eyes, a wolf's face and a threatening demeanor. If he gets your order wrong, just smile and drink it anyway.

Tripod - Not what you're thinking. A small-time grifter and Yeoman's snitch of choice, Tripod keeps his nose to the ground remarkably well for a man with three legs, and always has some useful snippet of information that will help Brennan on his way.

Quinn the Eskimo (Thomas Quincey) - Tall, thin, suntanned Ace and head of the scientific arm of the Shadow Fists, Quinn is what Keith Richards wants to be when he grows up. Generally wasted, his bloodstream contains all manner of mind-bending drugs, any of which he can synthesize at will. Can also share the pleasure by extruding hollow bone needles from his fingertips and injecting his own blood into those foolish enough to want to try his wares.

Jessica von der Stadt - Schoolgirl Ace with the ability to shrink anything or anyone she touches, although they eventually grow back to their original size without her attention. Comes first in every school science project.

Cosmo Cosgrove - A partner in the family funeral business, Cosmo is a frail, thin Joker whose skin and clothes continually sprout grey fungus, as does anything he comes into contact with. More advantageous though is the ability to project illusions to make the dead look better than they did when they were alive, as long as he's in the same room. Just don't touch them. Or him.

Rick and Mick - Huge Joker and Shadow Fist goon with two pairs of arms, two pairs of shoulders, two... well, you can guess the rest. Half a brain between them and living proof that two heads aren't better than one.

Mr Bones - Although not a doctor, this tall, gaunt, black Joker gets a lot of custom regardless, thanks to two feathery antennae sprouting from his forehead that serve as a sixth sense in diagnosing illness or injury in patients. Only charges what the patient can afford. In New York, yet!

Charm - 5 twisted bodies, 4 heads, 7 legs, a smattering of arms and tentacles here and there, and a partridge in a pear tree. Siamese Joker quintiplets who can only communicate by singing. Out of key.



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