Sludge - A head that's just a bump growing out the top of his torso, flippers for legs, two sets of constantly moving tentacles in place of arms, blue black oily skin, and a stench that puts Crypt Kicker to shame. Jeez, some people get all the luck. Unsettling appearance notwithstanding, Sludge is, in fact, an Ace - and not a very nice one either - with enhanced strength and the power to transform nats into beings like himself. Now that's just nasty.

Scent - Director of the Veterans Outreach Program at the Jokertown Clinic, Scent's a Joker with no eyes or eye sockets, but he does possess a massive honker that's extremely sensitive to smell. Not in any hurry to meet Sludge.

Giggle - This tall, slender Joker suffers from a skin disorder whereby every sensation tickles her and makes her laugh. Only known antidote is a constant loop of Martin Lawrence movies - a practise that's illegal in many countries.

Dr Pretorius - Joker lawyer with a conscience and a ponytail, Pretorius is fairly normal looking except for his right leg below the knee, which is black, green and warty with pus-filled lesions. Unfortunately, It's gradually spreading upwards, and when it reaches his torso, it's good-night Vienna for the good doctor.

Barbie - Pretty Joker with a perfectly formed body and normal adult features, offset by the fact that she's under two feet tall. Steers clear of children's parties as much as possible.

Charon - Basically a viscous, translucent, hollow sphere about eight feet in diameter, with two eyes and a mouth at the top, hundreds of cilia underneath, and mild telepathic abilities, Charon - taking his name from the mythical boatman who transports the dead across the river Styx - is an amphibian Joker who's resides in the East River and is the only means of getting through Bloat's Wall and onto the Rox. Helpful hint: don't go to the Rox.

Susan - Joker with grotesquely overmuscled jaws and mouth that enable her to bite through pretty much anything. Even airline food.

Warlock - Tall, imposing head of the Joker street gang, the Werewolves. Nobody really knows what he looks like beneath the ever-present mask. Word on the street is that he can place a curse on you and you'll be dead within 24 hours, although his actual ability is to see imminent death on a person's face. Still enough to scare the shit out of himself and everyone who knows him, though.

Leslie Christian - Extremely smug, blond, mercenary English Ace, and Shadow Fist member capable of astral projection and irritating anyone he talks to.



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