Slimeball - With a name like that you'd expect another Snotman, but this Joker's actually more like a human salamander than anything else, although his skin is covered in an abundance of sticky oil. Also possesses vertically slit, bulbous eyes and a forked snake's tongue - and while salamanders are capable of regenerating lost limbs, he's hoping he never has to test that theory out.

K.C. Strange - Teenage Ace notable for being the only Jumper in possession of a conscience, K.C.'s been on the streets since she was twelve, is quite pretty with short, punky, multi-coloured hair and, along with Mark Meadows, hates the 'combine' with a passion. Stick it to The Man!

Trace - Mysterious Ace with telepathic powers who can find nearly anything that's been 'lost' by tracing its pathway of existence - although she draws the line at missing socks. A physical description's pointless as everyone who looks at her sees something different, but it's usually the spitting image of someone close to them.

Chalktalk - Mute, feral Ace/Joker with unspecified telepathic abilities who lets her chalkin' do the talkin'. Despite the needle teeth, claws and cat's eyes, and the fact that she looks about twelve, this frail sidewalk artist knows how to take care of herself. Be careful what you step on, though - you could literally lose yourself in her landscapes, since they've been known to double as doorways to other dimensions. Now that's art, baby.

Chickenhawk - Small, light Joker with skin similar to a chicken's, a craving for live food, leathery wings and a long, barbed tail. He isn't much good on the ground, but he can use the updrafts and winds to glide through the city. So life's not all bad.



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