Now these guys and girls really have been ignored. In most cases, the following Aces, or Deuces, have been granted little more than a name check with little or no description of their appearance or abilities. Weep for them, for they truly are the forgotten ones.

The Shaker (vol.1) - Ace recruited by Gregg Hartmann as an agent of SCARE (Senate Committee for Ace Resources and Endeavors).
Aurora (vol.1) Beautiful Broadway actress and Ace capable of producing colourful light effects.
Trump Card (vol. 3) Ace by the name of Shawna.
Pit Boss (vol. 3) Ace by the name of Lou.
Sparkle Johnny (vol. 3) Ace with an unspecified grudge against Golden Boy.
The Professor (vol. 3) Elderly, balding, bespectacled, pipe-smoking Ace dressed in a sky-blue tux and scuffed scandals.
The Whisperer (vol. 3) Masked Shadow Fist assassin and Ace who can transmit any of the terminal diseases that rage throughout his body to others by merely breathing on them.
Ladybug (vol. 3) No description.
Mister Magnet (vol. 3) Ace who wears a long chain-mail cloak.
Khof (vol. 4) Immortal Egyptian Ace who dresses all in black - involved in the Israeli-Palestine war of 1948.
Tricolor (vol. 4) Or Captain Donatien Racine - a French military Ace with the power of flight.
Al-Muezzin (vol. 4) Real name: Daoud Hassani. Palestinian terrorist Ace with the ability to destroy with his voice.
Gary Gimore (vol. 5) Infamous serial killer and Ace executed for turning nine people into pillars of salt.
Fireball (vol. 8) Pyrokinetic serial killer Ace finally apprehended in Cincinatti by Mistral.
Mr. Miraculous (vol. 8) Ace prosecuted by the state of Indiana in 1964.
Manta Ray (vol. 11) No description.
Chimera (vol. 11) No description.
Colonel Kallicantzaros (vol. 12) Greek military Ace with shape-shifting abilities.
Wegemer (vol. 12) Famous German counterterrorist Ace, also a metamorph.
Sharon Cream (vol. 12) New York-born Israeli Ace with enhanced strength who once arm-wrestled the Greek Ace, Hera to a draw.
Tea-Daddy (vol. 14) Ace imprisoned on Governor's Island along with Black Shadow.
Glop (vol. 14) Real name: Boris Scherbansky. Also imprisoned on Governor's Island.
Fade (vol. 14) Also imprisoned on Governor's Island.
Jim Dandy (vol. 15) SCARE Ace.
Slamdancer (vol. 15) SCARE Ace.
Bloodhound (vol. 15) SCARE Ace.
Slumber (vol. 15) British Deuce.
Bond, James Bond (vol. 15) British Silver Helix Ace.
Sign Man (vol. 16) Dodgers fan and a Deuce with the ability to instantly flash up messages onto the blank cardboard banners he takes to games.
Sister Mary Immaculate (vol. 16) Virgun nun who gives birth every Christmas.
Hodge Podge (vol. 16) Female back-alley psychic surgeon who takes bits off animals and grafts them onto people for a price.
Radar (vol. 16) British Ace with a bulging, domed forehead.
Desperado (vol. 17) Ace whose career ended under tragic circumstances.



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