A small, portly Sri Lankan and lifelong government diplomat - but don't hold that against him, he's really a nice guy. Besides being able to speak four languages, he's also an Ace with precognition powers who dreams the future - always about a person or place he knows. But he considers the ability more a burden than a gift, and so acts as he would have without such knowledge. Might update this rule if he dreams about who wins the next World Cup, though.

Positive qualities - Calm, resourceful, logical, outgoing, quick learner, sense of humour.
Negative character traits - None to speak of.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad.
Supporting appearances - Suicide Kings.
In a nutshell - Coming soon.
Random quote - 'I want to view the future from its proper perspective, the here and now.'

George RR Martin's Wild Cards JetboyJETBOY (Robert Tomlin)

In reality, Robert Tomlin may have been short and chunky with curly brown hair. But the legendary Jetboy was a Golden Age boy wonder and ace pilot of WW2, nemesis of the dastardly Dr Tod, and star of his own million-selling comic book.

Helping design the prototype jet plane JB-1, this Audie Murphy of the skies was simply born to fly and couldn't wait to give those pesky nazis what for. Entered the war before his voice had even broken, shot down 500 enemy aircraft, and sank over 50 ships - all while he was still in his teens. Everyone loves a hero, especially the dead ones, and despite failing to halt the spread of the Wild Card virus, his memory lives on thanks to his historic dogfight with Dr Tod above New York city in 1946.

Positive qualities - Heroic, fearless.
Negative character traits - World-weary before his time.
Main appearances - Wild Cards.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Prodigy.
Random quote - 'Come on, baby, let's do some flying.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards JubeJUBE THE WALRUS (Jhubben)

This colourful, genial and well-liked fixture of Jokertown is short, fat, with blue-black, rubbery skin, and two curving tusks extrudng from the corners of his mouth. Can often be seen in his customary loud Hawaiian shirts hawking papers at his newstand, exchanging gossip and regaling the unwary with terrible jokes.

He's got a few secrets of his own, though - he's independently wealthy with more precious stones in his apartment than Tiffany's, his real name's Jhubben, and he comes from another planet. Jube is an xenologist assigned to keep a watch on Earth and study its inhabitants for his intergalactic empoyers, The Network, with whom he has a lifelong contract. Now that's news.

Positive qualities - Sunny disposition, outgoing, knows everyone.
Negative character traits - Secretive about himself, born gossipmonger, possesses unending supply of bad jokes.
Main appearances - Aces High.
Supporting appearances - Wild Cards, Down and Dirty, Dead Man's Hand, One-Eyed Jacks, Double Solitaire, Marked Cards, Deuces Down, Death Draws Five.
In a nutshell - The Joker.
Random quote - 'Goo-goo-goo-Jube. I am the Walrus. Pleased to meetcha.'