George RR Martin's Wild Cards KafkaKAFKA

Nobody knows what Kafka used to look like or what he did before the Wild Card had its nasty way with him, but since the virus thrives on irony, chances are it had something to do with insects. Now a Joker in the form of a human cockroach, his skin's been turned into a brown exoskeleton without facial or body hair, and he's got thin insectlile appendages in place of arms and legs.

He is an electronics and mechanical genius, though - a fact he's not shy in mentioning whenever the opportunity presents itself in conversation. If he talks to you, that is. You name it, he can fix it. In fact, he can probably make a new one from scratch. If only he were as smart when it comes to picking his employers.

Positive attributes - Clean. Obsessively clean, in fact.
Negative character traits - Arrogant, tendency to side with the bad guy, not much of a people person.
Main appearances - Aces High.
Supporting appearances - Jokers Wild, One-Eyed Jacks, Jokertown Shuffle, Dealer's Choice, Deuces Down.
In a nutshell - Cocky fellow.
Random quote - 'I'm just a homegrown genius.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards KahinaKAHINA (Misha)

Kahina is an attractive Syrian Ace who receives symbolic visions of the future in her dreams, although that's not how she sees it. Although not quite as loopy as her brother, the Nur al-Allah, she's an Islamic fundamentalist who believes the visions are a gift from Allah as a tool to further her brother's ambitions in becoming a modern day prophet. As a 'reward', he gave her in marriage to his right-hand man, Sayyid, an abusive Joker who enjoys beating seven shades of crap out of her anytime he can't get it up. Which is often.

Positive attributes - Open-minded when exposed to the outside world, strong-willed.
Negative character traits - Religious fanatic, intolerant, stubborn, humourless.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad, Down and Dirty.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Seeress.
Random quote - 'I'm not afraid to be a martyr for Allah.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards Kid DinosaurKID DINOSAUR (Arnie Fentner)

Arnie's a shapeshifting Ace in his early teens who undoubtedly thought up the name himself. He's got the requisite attitude, acne problems and overconfidence one expects from youth, and can metamorphose into any dinosaur he chooses in addition to adopting their natural abilities. Unfortunately, his mass stays the same so the picture on the left is fairly close to his actual size.

In addition, he also possesses the super-special power of being able to annoy the hell out of every adult he comes into contact with. The definitive Ace 'wannabee', Arnie is generally tolerated by his Wild Card peers despite stalking them incessantly and generally getting underfoot. And although his clothes get ripped to shreds every time he changes, he's yet to figure out that carrying an extra set might be to his advantage. New York's cold in the winter time.

Positive attributes - Means well.
Negative character traits - Immature, impulsive, annoying.
Main appearances - Aces High.
Supporting appearances - Wild Cards, Jokers Wild.
In a nutshell - Clever boy.
Random quote - 'You boring old farts think you know everything.'



On the surface a respectable businessman with friends in high places and a highly profitable chain of legitimate enterprises. Kien is, in fact, the secret head of the Shadow Fists, New York City's largest criminal organisation. A chunky, middle-aged, ethnic Chinese 'nat' of average height and appearance who emigrated to the States in the 'seventies, Kien was actually born in South Vietnam and made his fortune during the war selling military secrets and smuggling all the heroin he could get his mitts on.

However, one of his biggest blunders was ordering a hit on Captain Daniel Brennan (AKA, Yeoman) after he discovered Kien's treachery, resulting in the death of Brennan's pregnant wife. An error of judgement that's sure to come back and bite him in the ass some day. The living embodiment of the American Dream, Kien now considers himself so far up the ladder as to be untouchable. He's not.

Positive attributes - Rewards loyalty in his employees.
Negative character traits - Psychopathic, ruthless, untrustworthy, humourless, greedy.
Main appearances - Jokertown Shuffle.
Supporting appearances - Aces High, Jokers Wild, Down and Dirty, One-Eyed Jacks.
In a nutshell - Kingpin.
Random quote - 'It shall be a pleasure to watch you die.'