A small, highly intelligent black man of indeterminate age, John is an Ace who, besides recieving unclear visions of the future, has the ability to tap into a person's life force and convert it to his own use by touch alone. Thus prolonging his life. Since this usually results in the other person shuffling off this mortal coil, he uses the visions to lead him to those about to suffer a violent death and relieves them of the pain to come. Whatta guy. Just don't shake hands with him.

Positive attributes - Reasonable, resourceful, level-headed, wise, patient.
Negative character traits - Prepared to deal with the devil to get what he wants.
Main appearances - Death Draws Five.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Death Becomes Him.
Random quote - 'I've lived a long time, missy, and I didn't do it by being stupid.'


A handsome and charismatic Syrian Ace with piercing coal-black eyes, the 'Light of Allah' is brother to Kahina, and leader of a fundamentalist Islamic sect that preaches that all Jokers are cursed by Allah, and should thus be exterminated on sight. Rather than the more logical option of, you know, just leaving them alone.

The Nur's skin glows a bright green but his power is in his irresistible voice, a form of mind control which can compel anyone who's listening to believe his unhinged ravings. Absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to any current real life figures. Just so you know.

Positive attributes - None.
Negative character traits - Religious fanatic, psychopath, sadist, megolamaniac, intolerant of everything, constantly bad tempered, unreasonable, no sense of humour.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad.
Supporting appearances - Black Trump.
In a nutshell - Voice of doom.
Random quote - 'Allah smote the unbelievers with His hand. Why shouldn't I do the same?'