George RR Martin's Wild Cards Water LilyWATER LILY (Jane Dow)

A true rainmaker, Jane's a young, attractive, red-haired Ace who, when in a heightened emotional state, has the power to extract the water molecules out of any object or living creature within a half-mile radius to the point of complete dehydration. She can also subconsciously cause atoms to combine and thus draw water from the air itself.

After her friend and mentor, Sal, died in an accident, she decided to escape to the big city and has been living in interesting times ever since. She's worked at Aces High for Hiram Worchester, seen far more of the Astronomer and Ti Malice than she'd like, and been reinfected with the virus due to an encounter with 'Typhoid Croyd'. Thanks to him, in addition to her powers over water, she can now cure victims of the Wild Card through the physical act of sex - a fact she's wisely decided to keep to herself as much as possible.

Positive attributes - Kind-hearted, honest.
Negative character traits - Naive, impulsive.
Main appearances - Aces High, Jokers Wild, Down and Dirty.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Waterfalls.
Random quote - 'I've heard that when choosing between two evils, you should pick the one you've never tried before.'


WILL-O'-WISP (Nick Williams)

One of the 'hidden Aces' McCarthy was ranting about in the fifties, this private dick looks like he stepped straight out of central casting with his good looks, 6"3' frame, blond hair, blue eyes and Californian tan. All of which might have presented a problem for someone in his line of work if he worked anywhere other than Hollywood - the only place on Earth where he looks just like everyone else.

Stepping on a high voltage electrical cord triggered his Ace back in his college days, and ever since he's been able to create electricity in the form of balls of lightning - 'shockers' - capable of incapacitating or destroying anyone, or anything, in their way. Avoid him if he drinks, though. He really gets a glow on and you don't want to be in his way when it happens.

Positive attributes - Discreet, honest, keeps his word, empathy towards Jokers.
Negative character traits - Too trusting.
Main appearances - Card Sharks.
Supporting appearances - Deuces Down, Death Draws Five, Busted Flush, Suicide Kings.
In a nutshell - Shock treatment.
Random quote - 'No one seems to remember your face if you've got glowing eyes.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards WorchesterWORCHESTER, HIRAM

You can't miss Hiram, the owner and proprietor of New York's most famous and most exclusive restaurant, Aces High. He's the well-spoken, well-groomed and well-dressed bald man with the neatly trimmed goatee beard who looks like he weighs in at around 375 lbs.
Be not deceived, however. He's also an Ace with the ability to control gravity and can temporarily increase or decrease the weight of anything or anyone in his vicinity merely by concentrating and squeezing his fist.

Briefly a masked vigilante known as the Fatman until he realised that there weren't many other 375 lb men around, Hiram gave it up and instead focussed his efforts towards the culinary, eventually setting up an Aces-only restaurant on the top floor of the Empire State Building. The power's always there, though. He continually uses it on himself to keep his weight down to a sprightly 30 lbs, and occasionally on those who displease him. Make sure you tip generously.

Positive attributes - Honourable, jovial, loves life, charitable towards Jokers.
Negative character traits - Weak-willed, snob, glutton, impressed by celebrity.
Main appearances - Aces High, Jokers Wild, Ace in the Hole.
Supporting appearances - Wild Cards, Aces Abroad, Down and Dirty, Dead Man's Hand, One-Eyed Jacks, Deuces Down.
In a nutshell - Weight gain.
Random quote - 'Heroism is a ludicrous career choice... Food is what I'm best at.'


George RR Martin's Wild Cards WraithWRAITH (Jennifer Maloy)

Ever wondered what it would be like to be able to walk through walls? Jennifer will probably tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be, although it has gotten her out of some tough scrapes - and into a whole lot more. A tall, slim, attractive librarian at the NYC Public Library who yearns for adventure in the tradition of her heroes from classic romantic literature, she's decided that utilising her Ace to rob millionaires and donating a large part of the proceeds to charity manages to fulfill her criteria. As well as providing her with a few extra bucks on the side.

Jennifer has the power to turn completely or partly insubstantial to the material world for a limited amount of time. While in this state she can also become lighter than air and float through ceilings or drop through floors. In addition, she can take a limited amount of items with her (up to 10 lbs or so) when she phases in and out. Which is why, in order to avoid undue embarassment, she usually dresses in a string bikini and mask when on night manoeuvres. One can't help thinking that a light cotton catsuit might have been a little less conspicuous. But, hey, who's arguing?

Positive attributes - Kind-hearted, loyal.
Negative character traits - Thief, romantic.
Main appearances - Jokers Wild, Wild Cards (reissue).
Supporting appearances - Down and Dirty, Ace in the Hole, Dead Man's Hand, Jokertown Shuffle, Death Draws Five.
In a nutshell - Phantasmic.
Random quote - 'We all have our little secrets.'



This slim, muscular, Australian aborigine Ace realised he was meant for better things at an early age, when he survived a Wild Card outbreak that wiped out all the other children in his tribe. In the intervening years, Wyungare - or 'He Who Returns To The Stars' to his friends - has grown into a highly knowledgable shaman and healer with the abiliy to physically enter the dreamtime whenever he wishes. As his sometime girlfriend, Cordelia Chaisson, has since discovered, he can also bring others with him if he wants. Better than a night out at the movies.

Positive attributes - Calm, patient, wise, reasonable, selfless, strong-willed.
Negative character traits - Calls women 'missy'.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad, Dealer's Choice.
Supporting appearances - None.
In a nutshell - Dream guy.
Random quote - 'Virtue's not going to work miracles. Luck's just about as undependable. What you'll accomplish, you'll achieve because you actually do it.'