George RR Martin's Wild Cards XbalanqueXBALANQUE

One of the famous Mayan 'Hero Twins' and spiritual brother to Hunapu, Xbalanque is a stocky, pure-blooded Indian Ace whose name means 'Morning Star". Pre-Wild Card: second-rate hustler and thief. Post-Wild Card: inspirational leader of a guerilla resistance against a corrupt Guatemalan governmen, and iconic hero to his people. How's that for a life change?

Off the field he's as normal as you are. However, once the adrenalin kicks in he's an almost indestructible force of nature. Bullets bounce off him and he employs his enhanced strength and quarterback skills to lob large rocks at the enemy, usually resulting in the kind of carnage and destruction Jerry Bruckheimer would kill for. Viva la Revolution!

Positive attributes - Genuinely cares for his countrymen, street-wise, great leader.
Negative character traits - Enjoys being in the limelight.
Main appearances - Aces Abroad.
Supporting appearances - Marked Cards.
In a nutshell - Gods-given talent.
Random quote - 'We're hard to kill. The gods failed. Why did you think the Guatemalan Army would succeed?'