George RR Martin's Wild Cards Links

Wild Cards World - The only official Wild Cards site on the web.

GRRM - George R.R. Martin's official website.

Melinda M Snodgrass - Official site for the co-creator of the Wild Cards series.

Walton Simons - Official website for the man behind James Spector & Jerry Strauss.

Stephen Leigh - Official website of Gregg Hartmann's creator.

Kevin Andrew Murphy - Website belonging to the creator of Cameo and Will-o'-Wisp.

Walter Jon Williams - Official site for the creator of Modular Man & Black Shadow.

Victor Milan - The online resource for Mark Meadows' creator.

Lewis Shiner - Official website for Fortunato's creator.

William F. Wu - Website belonging to Lazy Dragon's creator.

Laura J. Mixon - Resource for the creator of Lamia.

Chris Claremont - Official site for the creator of the Jumpers.

Daniel Abraham - Homepage of the creator of Bugsy and Father Henry Obst.

Caroline Spector - Official site for the creator of the Amazing Bubbles.

Ian Tregillis - Homepage for Rustbelt's creator.

Carrie Vaughn - Website for the creator of Curveball.

International Hero - Website featuring many character profiles from the series. - This site features a fictional line of Wild Cards action figures.

Wild Cards Blogsite - Brazilian blog site. - The official Wild Cards Page on Tor's website.